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Uvarna's airplane.

Uvarna has seven vintage airplane from different eras in Eskilstuna FK’s history. The oldest are the Anfänger and the SG 38 from the late 1930s. Soon after their arrival came a few Grunau Baby and a few years later came the Olympia, conceived as a standard aircraft for the 1940 Summer Olympics, which of course, were cancelled for known reasons. In the 1950s, EFK offered glider training with two-a seated airplane when Slingsby T21 was introduced. Then when the K 8 from Schleicher came during the 1960s training could continue with modern gliders that had good performance. Later on in the 1960s, the Slingsby was replaced by the two-seated Bergfalke from Scheibe.

However, the airplane that currently are cared for by Uvarna are not the airplane that EFK acquired for its operations but have been bought, inherited, or taken over from various places after the establishment of Uvarna in 1988. Five of the seven mentioned gliders are airworthy. The Olympia is not in flying condition and cannot become airworthy because it, like many other glider, was condemned already in 1964 due to poor glue. The Bergfalke needs a total overhaul, and would then be able to get into the air once again.


Uvarna invites all those who are interested to come out to Ekeby airfield to try what it feels like to fly these old vintage airplane. If you do not have a valid glider license, yuo can fly in the Slingsby with an experienced instructor at the controls.


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