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Roger Pettersson

About Uvarna

Support and Vintage Airplane Club at Eskilstuna Flying Club

On October 16, 1987, an invitation was sent out to a number of older current and past members Eskilstuna Flying Club, asking if there was any interest in forming a supporter club.

The meeting was scheduled for October 23 in EFK’s club house. The response was positive and resulted in an organizational meeting, for which the minutes are dated February 1, 1988. There was a draft of statutes, which were not formulated very formally worded, and contained the main features of the proposed club’s activities. The invitation also included a number of suggestions for the club's name, among others, Pingvinerna (The Penguins), Gamla Uvarna (Old Owls), and Uvarna (The Owls). The decision was to name the club Uvarna.

Today we work mainly with supporting Eskilstuna Flying Club, we help out with anything that EFK may need help with. We even offer scholarships to individual EFK- members to promote the flying activity.

In order to preserve EFK’s history, Uvarna also collect documents, pictures, photos, and films from the Gliding section of EFK, which started in 1938. Old films have been converted to DVDs and other material has been scanned to digital format.

Trips and meetings are means to keep and nurture contacts between members. Travel is mainly in Sweden but European travel is no exception.

Last but not least, Uvarna care for the club's vintage airplane. As stated previously, the club currently has seven gliders, of which five are airworthy, mostly paperwork remains. However, usually we always have the Slingsby T21 and SG 38 Schulgleiter airworthy.

For administrative costs, costs for maintenance of the airplanes, and also in order to be able to sponsor Eskilstuna Flying Club and its members with grants and scholarships, we charge an annual fee of 150 SEK.

Our airworthy glider: